Black Engine Tattoo

Black Engine Tattoo Company

East Toronto’s 5 star Tattoo Studio


2863 St Clair Ave East

Parking in front of the shop or TTC routes as follows:

  • 23 Dawes from Main Station.
  • 70 O’Connor from either Warden Station or Coxwell Station.
  • 23 Dawes from Main Station.


7 Days a week

Tuesday through Saturday 11-7

Sunday and Monday 11-6

We can also book appointments earlier or later on most days. 




Born into the slums of east Borneo, Colin rose to power via the illegal sale of 2nd use condoms. Years later he would be chased out of the country by a massive influx of pregnant women. He moved to Canada where an ancient Canadian Monk taught him the ways of the ink. He now owns the coolest shop in the city and shares the most ridiculous of tales to all who enter.


Lillian is a geriatric millennial from B.C. Not the good part of B.C. She’s from the part that’s often on fire. She dyes her hair in distracting colours to divert people from comparing her to a librarian. She likes Discworld and the Hitchhiker’s Galaxy, but couldn’t give a toss about Star Wars.


When asked what he does for a living, Lucas’ parents often say “Who is that?” which is how they avoid talking about why they convinced their son to pursue a career in the arts. He’s part hobbit and thinks he’s funnier than he actually is. He reads Kurt Vonnegut instead of going to therapy.



This tattoo shop is outstanding. I sought them out after having only 2 artists and a plethora of tattoos in my lifetime. Being stubborn on trusting a new artists and setting my expectations high, after my first session I was sold on this shop. Professional environment, welcoming staff, relaxing atmosphere. They do quality work that will be sure to leave you satisfied. Colin is a wicked nice guy and he works with you on design and placement and doesn’t sugar coat anything. The other artists there are super friendly and I have seen their designs and some of their work and it’s definitely recommended to check them all out!

Ian Boyle

Years ago i went searching for a clean, professional, reasonably priced tattoo shop to have some work done and i came across Black Engine Tattoo. I set an appointment with Colin for a consultation and i have been coming back every year without fail, sometimes a few times a year. If you're looking for a well managed tattoo shop, with extremely friendly staff who take pride in their work, shop cleanliness, this is the place to come. When you leave, you will be leaving with an amazing piece of art. I recommend this shop to anyone interested in getting a tattoo, you will not leave disappointed, Colin and his team are a fantastic, caring group of people.

Lina Karas

My friend and I got our first tattoos here about a month ago. Lucas was great even from the exchange of emails he was so friendly. My friend and I searched lots of places and we chose this one because of their great customer service and value. Everything went smoothly and GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I was lightheaded after and they were great. I laid down and they put cold towels on me and offered me Lucas' moms cookies. Made me feel so comfortable and amazing. Lastly, I love my tattoo and so does my friend. It was a great experience and I will definitely be back!

Geraldine Cifuentes

Colin was amazing, had all 3 of my first tattoos done at the same time. I am very happy with how they all look. He spent lots of time making sure I was satisfied with the details. A great experience! I will definitely go back and would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks

Diane van Overdijk

Colin and his staff are phenomenal! As soon as I walked into this very impressively clean shop, I was immediately welcomed! Colin's kindness will never be forgotten as I got my 1st ever tattoo in honour of my beautiful baby girl, Eleni! And I am extremely petrified of needles, but my experience was so beautiful that I have recommended to all of my friends!💜

Demetra Cotoulas

Lilly did an amazing job on my cicada tattoo. She was recommended to me by a friend and was a delight to work with. Very professional and got the exact design I was looking for. I get so many compliments for it! The store itself is clean and quiet. The rest of the staff is friendly and chill. The place was a little out of the way from whereI live via public transit but not enough to dissuade me from going, so it was worth the trip! (photo from her IG @sketchedlilly)

Sarah Miskoff

Frequently Asked Questions

Price depends on size detail placement and time.
Our shop min is $90 plus tax and our hourly rate is $150 per.  We can easily quote most medium to small designs whereas larger pieces such as sleeves are priced hourly.

Yes but 99% of the time it is easily managed. Most people find it much easier than they imagined it to be.

Try to shower the day of or night before. Make sure to eat properly the day of. Advise our staff of any allergies or medical conditions prior to your appt. Dress appropriately based on the placement of your tattoo so we have access to the tattooable area.

Email, Facebook or Ig message with your idea, size and placement.  Ref pics are also helpful.

You can book online through email Facebook or Ig or by phone.
We do require deposits for bookings and they are refunded or deducted from the total amount upon arrival for your appointment.
Please also add your general availability for bookings.
Walk-ins / Phone ins can call the shop at 416.752.4555

The aftercare process is simple and straightforward. Our team will review the process with you when your tattoo is finished and provide you with an aftercare sheet and/or aftercare lotion if needed.
Pls make us aware of any allergies to adhesive bandages.  The shop and artists are a health board certified studio. Almost all supplies are disposable and everything else is chemically cleaned after each client.
We have both male and female artists with more than 25 years experience.


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